Friday, April 22, 2016

Alozie Onyirioha Title: Top up: Hero Star Heineken 33 Export Harp Orijin Guinness Satzenbrau Gulder Size: 520 cm x 1050 cm, Medium: straw 2015.

 Top up: Hero Star Heineken 33 Export Harp Orijin Guinness Satzenbrau Gulder with size 520 cm x 1050 cm, made from straw 2015.   At the Course of collecting straws for works I discovered that straw somehow is very hard to get by when you’re looking in empty beer bottles unlike in the soft drinks and when you per-adventure see straw in beer bottles though on rare cases you will be surprised to discover that it is two straws in a bottle.  My trying to interpret or provide answer to the reason why we usually have two straws in a beer bottle made me remember one of the topics: class struggles in the subjects Government back then in my secondary school days. In the world of triangle, if the illustration is represented with human figure, you don’t need a third eye to see that it is on the head of the proletariat the bourgeoisie are standing. Maybe beer is more expensive, maybe it’s the pleasure around drinking beer. Maybe it’s just the feeling.  Maybe it’s different top up hero star Heineken 33 export harp orijin Guinness satzenbrau gulder.

Alozie Onyirioha Title: Point and kill, kunu koko burkutu fito fura da nono kunun samiya kunun zaki zobo ngwo Medium: Straw size: 420cm x 960cm, 2015.

The work Point and kill, kunu koko burkutu fito fura da nono kunun samiya kunun zaki zobo ngwo with size 420cm x 960cm, made from straw 2015.  A language regularly used at drinking joints for selecting life catfish which is then prepared for the buyer; try to humor the hazards life of call girls posed in different height, different colour and posture.

 My eagerness to explore and augment a kind of weaving technique which I use frequently on polythene bags directed my attention to straws.
Straws precisely small, commonly used by consumers of drinks, but cannot be said to constitute environmental dangers became fascinating. It is very motivating to say that at the point of collection I can tell who used it, what product it was used for, at what occasions the straw will be found and at what seasons I will be getting straws, every story and activities that happened to the straw hits me at that point.
All these I feel I am investigating using the straw materials, place and the lives of people assumed to have used it. I weave together the story and retell it through art. I am trying to bring in a little humor while celebrating the presented colours as it has shown in the work. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

GRITTY DIADEM. 2010. 390CM X 180CM X 240CM. bear and coke can, binding wire and metal.

Gritty diadem, 2010, beer and coke cans, binding wire and metal, 390cm x 180cm x 240cm. This work with its mix of ideas tries to demonstrate a parody and humor of a royal crown. Man has found himself in an endless pursuit of wants, desires and wishes; we have lived our normal lives in harsh situations as heirs apparent. We sink bore holes for water, run generators for power, drive on bad roads to work, seek healing in unequipped hospitals, lecturers, school teachers and students haggle in dilapidated learning spaces while the labor force still argue with their employers, together with the rage of mass unemployment, while we desire good things in life, we move on in the midst of these conditions.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

THE QUEENS FORTRESS, 2010, papper, top bond and earth, 360CM X 540CM X 180CM

Slurry Queens Fortress, 2010, paper, top bond and earth, [360cm x 540cm x 180cm] mounds of earth hill made with paper and smeared with earth and spread in the exhibition space informs one’s idea of strength in weakness. This work invokes one’s sense of confidence, assurance and a poise to make do with what we have, by this I mean that one should start up with whatever he has for the sake of buoyancy and reawakening .these elements revolve around personal development and growth. I have been assured of this by the site of many ant hills I have come across. Though these hills come with apparent vulnerability, but in considering the process of making them, one discovers that every one is capable of construction, positive construction. It can be seen that good management of resources can manifest better results.

Monday, February 21, 2011

MARKET HOUNDS, 2010, [wood, tape, snacks and grocery wrappers] 120cm x 560cm x89cm.

MARKET HOUNDS, 2010, [wood, tape, snacks and grocery wrappers] 120cm x 560cm x89cm.The work market hound is made up of tape, wood, and snacks and grocery wrappers standing in space. This work invokes one’s sense of organization, association; group institutions which could be systematized or put in array to convey advantageous economic social life. The inadequate electricity makes it unworkable to do business in Nigeria. Look at the activities surrounding us; one would agree with me that this century Nigeria is ridden with all kinds of social vice, due to persistent being without a job. Streets are besieged with hawkers who customarily would have initiated a gainful employment in some reasonable enterprise.